Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Night in Aubrezyck

With every New Year comes new hollow promises to oneself!  Therefore, I resolve to post at least once a week for all of 2019, and now to your irregularly scheduled programming:

Though the City of Copper and Brick lies under a curfew, PCs may find themselves creeping through the city at night, liable to encounter the various other undesirables, and authorities, active in the small hours of the morning.
  1. A timid aristocratic youth, cajoled by his dandy friends, tries to climb up the back of a brownstone to visit the daughter of a successful merchant.  Waiting for him is: (1) the girl with open arms, (2) the girl's father and brothers armed with heavy canes, (3) the boy's parents ready to praise his gumption but remind him that "noble blood suits noble blood", (4) the girl with a full bedpan.
  2. Patrolmen enforcing the curfew, glad to be in the safety of the city instead of the trenches, meander through the streets.  They aren't looking for trouble and will simply warn the party to return home unless: something is obviously wrong, they are given lip, or one of the party appears aristocratic.
  3. Shadowy figures huddle in an alleyway, conversing and working on something.  They are either: (1) Revolutionaries allotting posters to paste throughout the neighbourhood, (2) Men of the Red Flag roughing up a (Revolutionary, Cult, or army) informant, (3) Cultists preparing to graffiti arcane symbols throughout the neighbourhood, (4) Men of the Red Flag struggling with a burglary, if the party looks competent, the Men will offer a premium for on-the-spot burglary help.
  4. A lone drunk stumbles through the streets, singing loud and bawdy songs.  He is either an aristocrat or rich merchant, kicked out of an illegal pleasure-den.  He would be easy to rob of his purse and jewelry, but who knows how much he will remember in the morning, or who watches from the shadows. (2/6 chance that he is sober and serving as bait for fellow dandies seeking a fight)
  5. From the shadows, a pale mask with long tresses observes the party, but disappears when viewed directly.  Three Hounds of Gaund stalk the party.  The second night, more of a looming bulk can be seen stalking the party.  On the third night, the beasts attack.  They are either minions of a magical rival or escapees from an amateur conjurer.
  6. A deranged woman, scrawling chalk graffiti of ornate shell patterns, mutters nonsense.  Though the phrase "resurrection of the Calcite Legions" can be understood.  Closer examination reveals that her tattered rags were once the lavender robes of a Rhaetor, a universe-talker of the Sunken College.  She grasps a thick glass orb filled with oil, and from within a child's skeleton lashes out if disturbed.
  7. A delivery carriage pulled by a bony nag rattles down the street.  A trio of workers laugh and smoke on the driver's seat as they go about delivering fresh bread, milk, and cheese to the houses of the rich and noble.  While gruff and armed with clubs, they are unwilling to risk their lives for a wagon-load of groceries.
  8. A 6-man patrol of recuperating soldiers from The Front.  They will not enforce the curfew strictly, actively, but halfheartedly soliciting bribes of drugs and contraband.  Equal chance (2/6) of the patrol having connections to the Revolutionaries or the Cultists.
  9. Shouts fill the air as a door bursts open and a melee between two dozen Cultists and Revolutionaries fills the street.  Guards will show up in 1d4 turns, -1 in a merchant neighbourhood, -2 in an aristocratic one (a result of 0 means one patrol is right around the corner, -1 means two patrols are).  The source of the fight is a Cultist or Revolutionary outpost, with its treasures and printing presses relatively unguarded in the heat of the fray.
  10. Turning the corner, a giant rat floats above, sewn from pigskins and inflated with hot air.  Beneath the buoyant rodent, a score of surly strikers have strung a line across the entrance of a factory, to stop scabs from working.  The will respond positively to anyone who has helped the Revolutionaries and negatively to those with noble or upper-class appearances.  Every other time this result is rolled, a dozen blackjack-armed thugs will be breaking up the strikers.
  11. A trio of drunken nobles attempting to steal a grapevine planting from the front of a brownstone.  They will generously and drunkenly reward any help, but in 1 turn they may attract a patrol (2/6) and/or the inhabitants of the house (2/6).
  12. Two dozen guards, armed with tower shields and short swords, cluster around a back-alley doorway.  They are about to knock down the door and raid a den of Cultists or Revolutionaries.  One of the guardsmen grips the leads of 6 hounds with grinning human faces.


  1. These are some great night-time activities for a Dark Fantasy or New Weird city.

    1. That was my goal, I'm glad you liked them!